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dog poop might not be the most glamorous of topics, but believe it not, there’s actually quite a lot that pet parents should be aware of when it comes to this, let’s say messy, topic. as dr. chavez mentioned, there are some inherent dangers when it comes to handling dog poop, so it’s important to always be vigilant and careful when doing so. if it’s possible, dr. chavez suggests trying to have your dog poop on sand or grass, since this is the easiest to clean and the threat of transmitted disease is lessened. of course sand or grass isn’t always readily available for pooping purposes, so if your pup ends up on another type of surface (gravel or asphalt, for example), and it’s an area frequented by people (especially children), remove the poop in the same manner as above and consider washing down the surface with water and diluted bleach, if possible, to kill any bacteria or protozoa, and then scrubbing the area with a metal brush.

if it’s diarrhea you’re dealing with, bill masters, owner of diamond carpet care, suggests scraping up as much of the feces as you can, and then allowing it to dry out overnight. for solid messes, mike sheridan, senior technician with randy’s carpet care, suggests using a solution of white vinegar and water mixed 50/50, after you clean the area, to neutralize the ph so the stain doesn’t brown as it dries. finally, when the mess is clean, put a spray nozzle on your brown hydrogen peroxide bottle and give the area a good misting, but don’t saturate it (which could leave a stain). if dog poop lingers on your pet: if you find that your dog’s poop has had some lasting effects on his person, the best thing to do is give him a bath with warm water and dog shampoo. “the best way to reduce any risk of cleaning up your dog’s poop is to feed him a high quality diet that isn’t contaminated in the first place, to keep your dog in good health and monitor his fecal consistency.”

according to the la times, about 38% of people do not pick up their dog’s waste. if you are lax when it comes to cleaning up after your pup, these reasons should change your mind: we put cow manure on our crops to help them grow, so shouldn’t dog poop do the same for grass and flowers? the best way to keep your lawn green is to promptly clean up after your dog, or at least on a weekly basis. consider this chain reaction: first we don’t clean up dog poop from grass and sidewalks. from there, fecal matter could wind up in lakes, streams, ponds, and other local water sources. in fact, the algae and weeds can get so overgrown that the water is no longer suitable for our favorite activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing, according to the university of rhode island. it’s the law to clean up after your dog-and simply part of being a good neighbor!

if you’re in madrid, one park will even box up your dog’s poop and mail it back to you, according to the washington post! cleaning up immediately after your dog makes life easier for you, your neighbors, and your dog! now that you know why dog poop cleanup is so important, here are some quick tips on how you can help lessen the potential long-term environmental and health effects of waste. carrying dog waste bags ensures you are always ready to remove your furry friend’s waste and there are no surprises that you can’t clean up. the environmental protection agency (epa) recommends this as the best way to get rid of your pet’s waste, when possible, because the treatment plants are already set up to handle it. when your dog’s poop is this close to a body of water, it has a much higher chance of entering the water supply and negatively impacting our ecosystem. if you invest in higher quality food that contains fewer fillers and by-products, your dog will poop less, according to the chicago tribune. picking up poop may not be our favorite chore, but it’s an important one that helps us, our pets, and the planet.

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