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samantha caters to the whims of dogs, taking them for walks, feeding them, and hanging out with them. after all, don’t we do the same for our dogs? she’s a full-time “dog nanny,” and she’s paid handsomely for time spent living with other people’s dogs. according to a recent nbc news report, in 2016 the average dog guardian will spend $1,641 on their pet, which is no small number in itself. according to one pet nanny profiled in the telegraph: what we offer is bespoke. it really depends on what the customer wants. in 2012, a survey conducted by a dog treat brand found that a majority of pet people consider themselves “parents” rather than “owners.” and 47% of americans have at least one dog, with 94% of them considering their dog a member of the family.

some people object to conflating pet guardianship with parenthood, but even if you don’t think of your dog as your kid, chances are you consider her an important part of your family. in that light, the idea of hiring someone to help give her the care she needs doesn’t seem so strange. of course, for most of us, a live-in dog nanny is out of the question. personally, even if i was a billionaire, i can’t conceive of giving up my unique bond with my dogs for the convenience of a live-in caretaker. the good news is, if your precious pooch needs some extra care, there are myriad ways to pamper her without breaking the bank or giving up your special relationship. a regular dog walker, daycare, and the occasional overnight sitter can make life with dog easier without draining your bank account.‘s network of dog lovers for hire provide the ideal alternative: someone in your neighborhood who can’t wait to watch your dog, who understands and celebrates the unique bond you and your dog have, and who is qualified and insured to provide excellent care. you’ll love being able to rest easy knowing you made the right choice for your dog, and your dog will love making a new friend (and having you to come home to, of course).

pup parenting can be fun and simple – when you learn to talk to your dog in their language- you will have a buddy and not a frenemy. a doggo that listens, walks well on walks, behaves appropriately with other dogs and people is simply the result of meeting a dogs needs proactively and consistently. we curate the best pup-hacks, tips and draw on our personal take based off 10 years of hands on experience with dog parents just like you! we set you up for good times on walks, winning major brownie points in your dogs eyes day in and day out so you can feel good and confident knowing you’re giving your dog the life you know they deserve!

i’ve been using nydn boarding for all of my trips now because i know that my dog will be well cared for. the daycare has been been great for my dog’s development. a tired dog in the evening is a good reward. the staff were super nice and they were able to answer all of my thousand and one questions.

the dog nanny is a family owned, full service dog care facility, located in andover, massachusetts. we offer an array of programs in an “almost home” feeding; washing; grooming; sleeping in a shared bedroom with the dog; taking special excursions to scenic locales (in other words, going for walks). the dog nanny is a cage free boarding & day care center for dogs. our staff will watch over your dog as they play with other dogs in our 11,000 sq. ft yard., town dog, town dog, puppy nanny salary, puppy nanny jobs, how to become a puppy nanny.

dog daycare, boarding, petsitting & more 1511 gulf blvd, indian rocks beach, fl 33785. new york dog nanny provides distinguished holistic dog training | puppy training, puppy obedience | puppy basic obedience | private dog training | reiki for 30 reviews of the dog nanny “the dog nanny is a wonderful resource for dog owners here in the andover area. we bring our two dogs here one day a week for, 112 tewksbury st andover, ma 01810, dog boarding near me.

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