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understanding and keeping a list of the most common emergencies that require a veterinarian’s attention will help keep a pet healthy for a long time. the fur could be hiding a bigger problem, or the animal might need stitches to heal without infection. take the vet to emergency care, even if cpr helps the animal breathe again, to make sure the animal is safe. perhaps the animal was injured while out of your sight, and needs emergency procedures to live. the animal could have an issue larger than you can handle, and may need a doctor’s care. if the eye is injured, there could be internal damage to structures close to the brain. learn what items are poisonous to your pet and call a vet emergency service immediately if you suspect your animal has ingested any poisonous substance.

a vet can assess the situation, and might require more tests to find out how to best help the animal. if an animal is exhibiting signs of pain, it has progressed to a severe state and the animal must see a vet right away. call a vet right away to have the animal evaluated to check for any possible pain. it’s important to find out why the animal is having this reaction. take the animal to the vet, and try to remember what the animal has eaten. it’s important to understand your animal and keep the water dish clean, but even if the dish is dirty, an animal will eventually drink from it. the vet will need to evaluate the animal to find out what could be happening to make the animal lose consciousness.

the 9-year-old labrador retriever mix refused to take his medicine, even with it tucked into his favorite food. over the course of a harrowing weekend, the team at wheat ridge animal hospital in metro denver saved rio’s life. “if a problem is detected in its early stages, it’s more likely to be treated and resolved with less expense, less difficulty, and a greater likelihood of success.” either symptom can indicate the presence of a tumor or neurological issues, campbell says. ”  these symptoms may reflect a problem with the brain, spine, heart, or lungs. “that condition needs to be treated immediately or the animal may permanently lose function of his hind limbs.”

retching can be a sign of bloat—when your pet’s stomach fills with gas and twists upon itself, possibly obstructing blood flow. breathing issues can be a sign of underlying heart disease, campbell says. a bleeding eye can indicate any number of underlying diseases or conditions—such as when an animal’s blood doesn’t clot normally. if a pet limps for more than a day, it’s time to call your veterinarian. if your dog is not putting any weight on the leg at all, it’s an emergency. that’s why leaving a dog or cat in a hot car or leaving them outside on a hot day without a way to escape the heat poses a huge risk. it may help to use your phone to record a video of your pet’s behavior or set up a video call with your vet.

13 animal emergencies that require immediate veterinary consultation and/or care. severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn’t stop within five minutes; choking, one of the first steps you should take in an emergency is to call your veterinarian. be prepared to describe the situation. your veterinarian can tell you how heat stroke is another emergency. normal rectal temperature for cats and dogs is about 101.5°f to 102°f (38.6°c to 38.9°c). signs of heat stroke, .

in: common emergencies. click to jump to dog stool infographic there are few things that will bring an animal into the vet quite as quickly as a bout of, .

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