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hurwitz “is no longer a lily-livered landlubber,’’ the mit document affirms. carrie sampson moore, mit’s director of physical education, said she is contacted every year by students who want to receive a tangible pirate document. hurwitz, who for years has observed international talk like a pirate day (sept. 19), showed up for an interview with the globe wearing a pirate hat, eye patch, earring, knickers, and a stuffed parrot on his shoulder. even more challenging, they actually have to sign up – not a task for the lily-livered. much deliberation went into the decision to offer pirate certificates, moore said. others thought there should be recognition.’’ next came the pirate award survey, soliciting student opinions on the finer points of the award, such as what it should be called (“pirate license’’?

(choices included “a business card size license,’’ “a certificate with a diploma-like look,’’ or “an eye patch.’’) there is a formality involved in becoming a pirate. students must take an oath in the physical education office, though moore declined to disclose it, citing a desire to maintain the secrecy and mystique of mit piracy. mit may be best known for churning out scientists and techies, but student tour guide shreya dave said that doesn’t mean they are humorless. “mit is a very unique kind of place and students are very creative in every part of their lives, whether with schoolwork or making something out of their pe requirements,’’ said dave, a third-year graduate student studying mechanical engineering. plus they’re a challenge to complete. mit students are driven: ‘how do i figure out how to do this in addition to all my other courses?’ ’’ indeed, hardly anyone seemed to notice when hurwitz crossed campus in his pirate outfit, even when he tried to look menacing and shouted: “arrrg!’’ “i know it’s international talk like a pirate day, not ‘dress like a pirate day,’ ’’ he said.

the mit pirate certificate is designed to recognize the completion of the check pe&w history after each quarter. mon, 03/12/2012 11:50am. so mit pirates have an even longer and richer history ! thanks for letting us in addition to pirate certificates, mit also awards degrees in charm through charm school. external, pirate degree, pirate degree, how to become a real pirate, mit, mit ninja certificate.

it’s official: any mit student who completes courses in pistol, archery, sailing, and fencing is considered pirate studies. pirate studies is an interdisciplinary field of academic study typically using historical and literary techniques to understand piracy and its cultural connotations. c.r. pennell in who needs pirate heroes? documents the evolution of pirate studies. he says the legend of an ersatz pirate program had been around awhile on campus, with online references pointing to at least 2006—a few years before the history of hipsters, aliens, & ignorance!, pirate certificate template, mit charm school, pirates, pirate phd

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