custom dog muzzle

thus, it fits perfectly on your dogs snout and is ideally optimized to the character and size of your dog. a bumas leash is made by hand and according to your desired size. handmade and customized, it is sure to become your dog’s favorite collar. therefore, each muzzle is produced exactly to the size of the snout and the character of each dog. bumas muzzles are made of 100% biothane® straps and stainless rivets. there is nothing standing in the way of a stylish and cool dog muzzle anymore! the bumas dog muzzles are also animal welfare certified. colourful bumas dog muzzles are as individual as your dog. every dog is unique. matching the character and nature of your dog. also collars and leashes from biothane® are available. all colourful bumas products are made from the innovative material biothane®.

our bumas fits perfectly and she loves to wear it! i need the muzzle especially on vacation, but also in rescue dog squadron. we chose bumas because their products are bright easy to clean and durable. as a bonus the team have always been polite and helpful! but the custom-made bumas fits perfectly, does not slip and is lightweight! as norbu is a livestock guarding dog, i use the muzzle often. kaito tends to react on other dogs, if they get too close and also he likes to eat everything he sees, so we introduced bumas muzzle to kaito. in a world of poison baits & co, they are the perfectly fitting protection for my pups. the super light biothane® material and the perfect fit with enough room to pant and drink make bumas the absolute feel good muzzle. bumas dog muzzles have been developed to be comfortable, giving your dog and you the safety, confidence and freedom you both deserve. therefore, each of the steps below is a training unit that should be repeated several times in a row. 1. circumference of the snout place the measuring tape around the dog’s snout and fix it with the paper clip.

we get that a lot. the non-working dog population of the world sees a muzzle and assumes the dog is violent, vicious, and willing to do damage. the other portion of dog owners, us working dog people, understand a muzzle is a tool that a dog can use to inflict severe damage, just as it can with it’s mouth. you don’t need a physics degree to understand a pissed off 80 pound malinois, moving at 30 miles-an-hour, with a piece of stainless steel strapped to it’s face is going to do some damage when it hits you. these bad boys are made in #merica by amish craftsmen. we have them in a few sizes and a few options. sizing is covered below in the pics of our un-willing model, lech. we can do a standard single bar, from nose to lower jaw. it’s a stainless steel bar that wraps  around the bitey part plus the one that wrap from the bridge of the bitey part to the lower jaw. if you have a big dog, that hits really hard, is experienced in muzzle fighting and you have a decoy that knows how to correctly fight a dog with a muzzle on or; you have a decoy that is super green. we want to prevent damage to the dog above all.

now the part everyone is here for. you need to leave a bit of lee-way for artistic variance to fit the muzzle shape. she’ll communicate with you on the design and run everything by you; i swear to god. just some things we’ve done: the a10 mouth; the hulk; bane; maligator; digi-camo is all 4 flavors; flags; a tiger; zombies; xrays; super heros (and villins); unit logos; mwd numbers.about the paint. be that as it may, we, nor anyone else, wants to a kill a dog from lead or some weird chemical poisoning. at any rate, we all ate glue in kindergarten and turned out fine, nothing we use will harm the dog…. or the muzzle in anyway. we go to great lengths to insure that the paint adheres to the leather surface. we sought out (like finding the grail…) a muzzle manufacturer that was both functional and allowed us to get paint to stick to it under it’s intended usage. if you want something other than that you need a custom muzzle. been there done that, send it over. these require a significantly higher investment of time by our talented artiest. after ordering please shoot us an email with your designs to  current lead times are 10-12 weeks from the invoice payment date.

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