critter nation ferret cage

i had to hammer them with a rubber mallet to carefully straighten the pegs and make sure the parts where snug and aligned. i was worried that i would have to return the cage due to the bent parts, but i used leverage and a hammer to carefully correct them. my dogs love to lay on the bed to watch the rats play and once i add the toys it will be so much nicer of a show! i bought mine off the dot com (american) amazon, although i live in canada, because i can use a quick stop and it worked out to about half the price of the canadian web site. love this brand and i’ll never get a different brand cage for the rats! this worked great and i was able to safely thread the plug through the bars. there was some pounding and pushing and pulling and maybe a tiny bit of swearing, but we did manage to get all the pieces to fit together eventually. the doors are easy to open and it’s easy to clean. i used a towel as a buffer for my hammer to try and not damage the metal or my hammer. while i’m cleaning the cage, i lock my chinchillas in one of the sections and don’t have to worry that they will escape or be in the way. i only have a single ferret, but all the levels – i can move toys around and provide lots of interest for her. and two of the pieces did not fit correctly, but i figured out a way to make it work. i was thinking i would need to buy the add on when my babies got bigger, but this size is perfect!!! i would have given it 5 stars but they need to add a better pan to the bottom so stuff does not fall out of the cage. when we started out, i was putting little containers of bedding in there and trying to figure out how i could keep it from flying all over the place and ending up on the floor. i have two large pet rats in it and i think they love all the space. rats are really intelligent and i always have to consider if they can escape a cage by operating whatever locking mechanism it has — that’s not a concern at all with the doors on the critter nation, yet they are still easy for me to open despite having tendonitis in my dominate hand. this is only a con at the start, and you have the option to buy it one unit at a time. * the cage is very heavy, but i only really noticed this when i had to move the boxes it arrived in before assembly. plus, knowing this cage can have additions added to it (should i ever have the need) is a huge plus. we got bass equipment metal litter pans for it when we needed to have more litter in it, and when we didn’t need a lot of litter, we could just use the plastic trays that came with it. cleaning this cage is a breeze.i use fleece but please note that it’s important to place an absorbent layer between the fleece and tray. i plan on getting the add-on in the next few months so they will have a ton of room to climb.

it’s super sturdy and heavy, but easy to move around on the wheels. thank you to whoever came up with that idea and shared it in the reviews.i wish i had invested in one of these 2 cages ago; don’t waste money on the pet store ones if you are looking at a bigger cage. you will need a rubber mallet to assemble this cage so you can straighten out the parts and hammer them in place.once it’s assembled, its a great cage. i love that.only recommendation is a change to the assembly manual. and the platform that comes with it was in good shape. i use the top as a cage and the bottom to store their sleep cages. i can just pop my head in and the ratties come running up to say hello. additionally, i hit some of the other pieces that were hard to put together with a mallet and they fit. i can’t see what he doesn’t to clean it up quickly and remove the scent. i would also have preferred to have a tray under the bottom instead of on top for easier cleaning. my only complaint is that i wish the cage had a couple small, sliding doors so the big doors don’t always have to be opened to just switch food bowls or something. this cage is the only one you’re going to need to buy. i was amazed at the sturdy construction and size of this when i got it. it was left on my doorstep and i managed to “walk it” inside the door. it came with the tiny toddler size screwdriver to put it together, and they recommend using a mallet for some of the parts. when i called, i was offered a small portion refund or the option to disassemble it and return the entire thing for a replacement. (got it as a christmas present for a daughter so it sat in the garage, in hiding for a while before we discovered the problem).i really like the ability to compartmentalize the upper and lower cage. i just have to blink and she is on top of the cage. overall a great cage and i definitely recommend it i really like this cage but the doors are janky as all hell. the dwarf is adjusting just fine and not making much of a mess, but i bought a shop vac to help clean the cage out and the surrounding floor. now 3 ferrets have a ton of room if they need to spend time in the cage (they’re free when we’re home). the box for the cage was all torn up when it arrived (it arrived like three days sooner than expected) and when i saw that i was a little scared it was a little destroyed. it is nicely made and for the price, i cannot imagine a nicer quality one. i recommend this cage setup for anyone getting rats or other small rodents (hamsters are too small unfortunately)it’s very sturdy, easy to clean, and the assembly was simple enough.

they had already come out with the ferret nation cages, which were ideal for that pet. but many owners of other small animals wanted a cage with less distance between the bars. many other cages offer lots of space, but the critter nation has many other additional features which make it the perfect habitat for rats, chinchillas, and sugar gliders. each level has a ramp and shelf, and has plenty of room for multiple pets. note, this is not meant to be a stand-alone cage. so if you already have the one level or the two level, you would remove the top of your existing cage and put this on top. the answer is, they recommend only going as high as one add-on level, for stability and safety.

the critter nation has bars with a 1/2″ gap. the horizontal bars of the critter nation are perfect for climbing, nurturing their natural instincts. the cage has double doors which latch securely together and are the full size of the cage. you can easily get into the cage for cleaning or for positioning hammocks and other cage accessories. it’s easy to customize the shelf height for your little critter. bring the shelf lower so that the ramp to get to it is less of an angle. the critter nation has a section at the bottom for storage that the cage sits on top. the whole thing is on locking casters, so you can move the critter nation when you need to vacuum behind it, or lock it in place.

each double unit critter nation cage comes equipped with three ramps and ramp covers, two resting shelves and two easy to remove base pans for easy cleaning. the critter nation by midwest homes for pets provides the ultimate habitat for your small animals – rats, chinchillas, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and provides storage space below raised cage; swing-up locking ramps (available in model 162 and model 163 only). description. based on the design of the popular, critter nation cage, critter nation cage, critter nation single unit, critter nation cage add-on, critter nation cage dimensions.

the wide expansive shelf and full-width plastic pan floor provide a generous play area for your ferret / chinchilla / rat / dagu and helps to prevent dangerous it was first introduced by midwest homes for pets. they had already come out with the ferret nation cages, which were ideal for that pet. but many owners of no one beats’s selection of ferret cages! find ferret nation cages, marshall ferret cages & more at great low prices., double critter nation cage, critter nation chinchilla cage, critter nation add-on shelf, used critter nation cage.

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