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that is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your pembroke. at the end of the article, we have also included a description of what you can do at home to keep your corgi looking and feeling her best. some of these parasites can be transmitted to you or a family member and are a serious concern for everyone. we listen for a specific type of heart murmur to diagnose this problem during your pet’s examinations. you should also provide ramps or steps for your pet from puppyhood on to prevent your dog from stressing his back by jumping on and off of the furniture.

there are a few different types of stones that can form in the kidney or in the bladder, and corgis are more likely to develop them than other breeds. surgery may be needed, but in some cases, we can treat with a special diet and medication. considered the most common type of hernia in dogs, it is usually inherited, and your pembroke welsh corgi is at greater than normal risk for this problem. the female’s pelvis may be too small to pass the puppies’ heads and a c-section is often required for her health and that of her puppies. be sure to adhere to the schedule of examinations and vaccinations that we recommend for her.

female cardigans weigh 25-34 pounds, and males range from 30 to 38. the average lifespan of a cardigan is 12 to 15 years. “i’m finding that the cardigan is a little more stubborn and also a bit more of the clown,” says lisa rabenold of east coast corgi rescue. there are some common experiences among corgi owners, but be ready to love and take care of the specific dog you have. for “somebody who wants a german shepherd but doesn’t really have the space,” she says, “a corgi can fill that need.” melissa terzis, founder and executive director of east coast corgi rescue, says that families with kids need to prepare all of their members for a positive relationship with their new pet. whatever you try, make sure your dog enjoys it—not every dog is the same, and many corgi owners will tell you that sometimes, for whatever reason, their pup doesn’t take to a certain activity.

corgis can be independent thinkers, so you may have to get into their minds a bit and discover what motivates them. use a dog shampoo and not the human stuff, which is likely to contain ingredients not suitable for your canine pal. progressive retinal atrophy: this is a genetic disease that causes degeneration of the retina and leads to blindness. if you notice any of these symptoms, bring your dog to the vet immediately—prompt treatment can make a huge difference in their prognosis. the corgi has the motive and the means to get more than their fair share of food, but it’s in their best interest for you to feed them enough to maintain a healthy weight and give them energy for their daily activities—but not more than that. her weight was also on the higher end, and switching her food helped her get to a healthier weight that was recommended by the vet.

what to expect when caring for a pembroke welsh corgi. owning a dog is not just a privilege; it’s a responsibility. they depend on us for, at minimum, routine care, diet, and exercise supervise your pet as you would a toddler. she needs a thorough brushing at least weekly most of the year. pembroke welsh once a week should be enough for the cardigan. while you should keep up with brushing, don’t shave the undercoat in summer—it helps your corgi, .

brush your dog every day. since the pembroke welsh corgi has a thick undercoat and a fluffy topcoat, he will shed some of his coat daily. use a comb to remove constantly treat your corgi with kindness and they will do the same. give them affection, but do not smother or make them feel uncomfortable. remember, they are but i was prepared to care for her and knew i’d have plenty of help along the way. getting a corgi puppy is a huge commitment,, .

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