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in the wild, chinchillas are naturally adapted to eating a diet of vegetation that is high in roughage. loose mixes may be nutritionally balanced while in the bag but only if your chinchilla eats all of the parts of the mix. if it is impossible for you to get a good quality chinchilla diet, many experts suggest substituting a good rabbit or guinea pig pellet with similar characteristics but this should only be done temporarily and in emergency situations. ), keep in mind that there is a concern that feeding corn can cause digestive upset and bloating, and many chinchilla foods contain corn as an ingredient. since corn is starchy and likely largely indigestible for chinchillas, whole corn should be avoided as a treat or the main part of a diet. while they are not prone to overeating, for freshness it is a good idea to feed a small number of pellets at a time.

even when you choose a high fiber pelleted diet, it must still be supplemented with hay to ensure your chinchilla gets plenty of roughage (fiber). this roughage in hay helps keep chinchillas’ teeth in good condition and the digestive system functioning properly. hay should be cleaned out and fed fresh on a daily basis to keep it from becoming soiled or moldy. chinchillas should be given very little in the way of treats—never more than a teaspoon a day. raisins and dried fruit are favorites but are also high in sugar so they should be fed in very small quantities and infrequently. most commercial treats for chinchillas will be too high in sugar and fat and are best avoided. twigs from apple trees and other safe trees can be given to your chinchilla.

chinchillas need hay, greens and fibre to stay healthy, but some foods can make them very ill. read more to learn exactly what to feed your chinchilla. their diet should be high in fibre and protein and low in fat and moisture. if your pet chinchilla has a lack of fibre in their diet, its teeth could become overgrown, which could then lead to fur chewing. a constant supply of hay is highly recommended. in addition, if you’re looking to get insurance for your pig, exoticdirect is the only insurer in the uk that can cover up to £2,000 of vet fees for micro/mini/teapot pigs. get a quote here in this article: what fruit and vegetables can chinchillas eat? | foods that chinchillas can’t eat | chinchilla diet dos and donts exotic pet sources are not unanimous on the matter, but rabbits and chinchillas have different dietary requirements, so it is best to avoid giving chinchillas rabbit food pellets.

show rabbit food is the highest quality rabbit food you can get but it is not available from all pet shops and would still need to be labelled as safe for chinchillas. control the amount of treats you give as they can be high in sugars and making too much of those available to your chinchilla might make it overweight, which can lead to illness. treats are normally higher in sugar and fat; too many can cause liver damage and weight gain, so don’t overfeed with treats. did you know that the carbohydrates and vegetable protein found in most fruit and vegetables can make your ferret poorly? our article aims to offer you lots of advice and guidance on feeding your ferret the best diet. you can also feed small portions of vegetables and it’s essential to include plenty of vitamin c. read our list of what hay, veg and fruit you can feed, as well as what you can’t. you may be able to refer a complaint to the financial ombudsman service (fos) if you are unhappy with how we deal with your complaint.

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