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and even some ways to get hold of fabulous free cat toys! the most important thing to figure out before you spend a lot of money on expensive cat toys is what kind of toys your cat likes. pull this object across the floor in front of your cat and see if it catches her interest. my cats love laser pointers, and laser pointer toys like this one are generally affordable*, but you can see if your cat chases a flashlight beam before buying one. behaviorists believe that this is because boxes are safe and cave like, but regardless of the reason, if you really want to make your cat’s day, give her a box. these balls are fun for cats to bat around the floor, although that does mean you will find them in strange places, like under the couch or in your shoe.

mice, like balls, are cheap and often come in packs to keep your cat entertained. you can provide them with a perch of their own to give them more places to relax, although this is no guarantee your cat will give up his other perches. these toys, like the kinds that dispense cat treats or engage her prey drive, like this toy, make your cat think. cats have a hard time spitting things out, thanks to their barbed tongues, and your kitten could end up swallowing by mistake. if you are looking for cheap cat toys for a good cause, you can also look around your area to see if there are any pet stores or animal rescues having toy sales. as my family has 4 cats that have all different ages and personalities, we want to make sure that each of them has toys they love. this article will help me decide what toys are not worth buying based on my cats playing habits.

the money i spent seems so worth it when i see the fun they have. the favorite toys are the cheap cat toys. the ones i get just because i want to buy my kitties something. this makes me happy, not just because it’s easier on my wallet, but because i can buy more to make sure there are plenty of toys to go around and replacements are available. i sat and watched my cat, raucous, play with one of these for over 10 minutes. he would pick it up, take it into their one cat cubby, and bat it around with his paw until he batted it out one of the small openings in the corner. and they fly through the air awesomely! i love to take them, squeeze the ends together between my finger and my thumb and then —t-w-i-n-g— shoot it across the room for them to chase. i always try to keep some on hand for when the ones they were playing with disappear to where ever cat toys disappear to. sometimes i think i know best when it comes to picking cat toys. so i keep buying various and assorted toy mice, balls, and other chasey type toys.

then i saw our instagram friend minnie the munchkin playing with one. well, if minnie thought they were fun, then maybe my crew would like them too. the kittens love them. they carry them all over so they can bat them around somewhere else. at least that’s who i feel like when i get out the cat teaser toy and start playing with the cats. they care about it so much i have to hide it in between play sessions otherwise the cats find it and pull it out to play with. all i have to do is open the drawer where i keep the laser cat toy and cats appear from out of nowhere. the red dot is that powerful. add a few or all of these cheap cat toys, maybe make some of your own cat toys and your cat will be absolutely thrilled! her love and experience make pet faves the “go-to” place for pet product reviews and the info pet parents need to keep their pets healthy and happy. i had no idea these toys were so economical! i know ellie and bear would love the cat dancer … born pet crazy, dawn uses her love of pets and experience of working with pets in a variety of ways to dig up your pet favorites.

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