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you’ve likely seen service dogs out and about assisting their pet parents, whether as guide dogs, diabetic or epileptic alert dogs, or emotional support dogs. emotional support cats and therapy cats provide comfort to their pet parents and others in need of emotional and mental health support. cats can provide a gentle and calming presence to people struggling with anything from loneliness or stress to depression, chronic anxiety or ptsd. while cats aren’t technically service animals, emotional support cats and therapy cats provide an important service to their pet parents and others. emotional support cats are companion animals that comfort pet parents living with conditions such as anxiety and depression. emotional support animals have some legal rights, including free flights and the ability to live in residences with no-pets policies. therapy cats are also used to comfort people living with mental health issues, but they differ from emotional support cats in that they’re trained and certified by professionals.

according to author janiss garza, president of fitcat publishing, cats “are actually perfect therapy animals — they’re small enough to lie on the bed with patients and cuddle. they’re soft to the touch. and they’re more affectionate than given credit for.” in 2016, the pair began working as a team, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and offices. if you’re interested in pursuing therapy certification for your cat, contact a reputable organization, such as pet partners, for specific details. no one breed makes a better therapy cat than another — what matters most is the specific cat’s temperament and socialization. “i’ve also used the blog to show that cats are capable of much more than people assume.” christine o’brien is a writer, mom, and long-time cat parent whose two russian blues rule the house.

buy maintenance and repair parts online. get instant access to cat filters, in the strictest sense, no, cats cannot be service animals in the united states. this is because the ada does not recognize cats in its definition of the so your feline superhero and constant companion cannot be a service cat. but, many cats are born to be esas and therapy animals. emotional, .

emotional support cats and therapy cats provide comfort to their pet parents and others in need of emotional and mental health support. cats can cat services. packagessave. web-1371877-may22_c-cat4-1_grm-dog-bngh_mo.png. bath & full haircut. bath, haircut, brushing, light dematting, nail trim, service cats are not considered pets, but rather working animals that have serious jobs to do. unlike therapy animals, these animals are allowed, .

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