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little brown dog is a full service pet grooming studio. we also strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible so all grooming is towel-free2 along with a bevy of other green measures. when a cat is grooming themselves, they’re just licking their coat and feet… this is superficial grooming. at best they’re removing a bit of dust and some grease. this results in a greasy, smelly cat. this is also untrue. but getting a cat into a bath and making a cat comfortable in a bath are two completely different things. grooming cats isn’t a straightforward process–there’s a ton of training and knowledge required for every step of the process–and for the most part, it’s best left to a professional cat groomer. this is the foundation of all our services. this is the only “required” service. everything else is à la carte.

to get your cat squeaky clean we will bathe them at least twice with a specially formulated feline degreasing shampoo. nail trimming, ear cleaning and a sanitary clip (if you desire) are also included in the bath & brush. the basic cut is the answer. with the basic, you can get either a lion trim3 or a fox trim4–your choice. maybe you want a shorter cut, but don’t like the extreme look of a lion trim… or maybe your older cat has super thin skin that won’t tolerate a shave-down. all cats get a deep, yet gentle, deshedding treatment. if you’re looking for a full coat but would like to decrease grooming needs and matting, shaving the belly–a “shell belly”–might be a great option for you. they last from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on nail growth and the activity level of your cat. finding cat litter all over the house? don’t like the idea of nasty stuff getting stuck in kitty’s feet? little brown dog is a full service dog (& established cat) grooming studio led by nationally certified master groomer; brooke el-merrahi, ncmg, cce in the lower highland art district near downtown denver.

your local dog groomer is as close as your neighborhood petsmart! bath, haircut, deshedding shampoo & solution, nail trim, ear cleaning, extra brushing, some of the best cat grooming services near me are: boarding and beyond pet clips club pet resorts. what are the most reviewed cat grooming services near me reviews on cat nail trim in san jose, ca – ringo pet grooming home service, a+ luxury dog & cat grooming, the groomery, amanda’s mobile cat grooming,, .

introducing cat nail trimming into your pet’s routine, should happen when pick a location close to your cat’s favorite scratching and napping areas. here is the definitive list of mobile cat groomers near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. want to see who made the cut? how to find the best cat groomer & discover cat grooming tips & must-have cat grooming tools even if you use mobile cat groomer or professional cat, .

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