cat boarding prices

we offer a 10% boarding discount to all military, veterans, students, and senior citizens. not applicable to fun times or other services.) this is a nice quiet country atmosphere. this activity is supervised at all times and it gives dogs a chance to run and romp, jump and play, get-the-energy-out, or just to sniff and explore. your dog can now enjoy a 5 min. this is a social or one on one activity in a safe and double door environment. we get to know the pets better, and the pets get to know us more quickly. this fun time option is for canine companions that would love to be cuddled and get one-on-one attention in the comfort of their kennel or room.

for a ½ hour we take your dog around twenty acres on a 50 ft. lead. this is a seasonal fun-time activity due to condition of fields and certain grass seeds. want your furry friend to get an extra special treat? stuffed with tons of yummy goodies these special treats are sure to please! well maybe this new activity is just for them. each kitty is fitted into a secure yet comfortable mesh cat harness, and then taken outside to a grassy courtyard to peruse the area at their leisure. we can do this for you. there are double doors to provide a safe environment.

the national average cost of cat boarding is $25 per night, with most pet owners spending between $15 and $30 per night. most companies charge per day and or the exact cost of boarding your cat depends on where you leave them and where you live. the average cat boarding cost is $25.00, cost of cat boarding by region ; southwestern united states, $24/night ; northwestern united states, $24/night ; california, $35/night., .

common pricing for overnight boarding in a kennel or cattery is $15-$20 per night. some facilities may offer discounts for long-term stays or additional cats. featuring pet sitting and boarding amenities for dogs & cats, we offer safe, cats. minus. 0. plus. check rates & request reservation cat boarding requires a minimum of $100 to book. pet owners can get a 25 percent discount for two or more pet guests. owners must provide the, .

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