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i watch the athlete and i watch his recovery. i watch the athlete and i watch his recovery. i do give certain weights to athletes—leg extensions and curls. i had johnny gray—skinny as a rail—weight train just to motivate him and prevent injury. for general exercise, and for football and basketball players, it’s good to do plyometrics to the side. and if you look at johnny gray, johnny was 6’4″ and 165 pounds.. give me a break. 8. run through the finish i think it’s important for you to learn to run through the fnish. if you watch a 100-meter dash, everyone slows down at the end. so just listen to your coach and the tempo he tells you to run.

say you want to run a 1:43 for the 800. then what i want is for you to do a 50.5 split and 51.5 split. when i fnally got him to run the 1,500 evenly, he ran 3:36.1. and when the world record in the mile was set—almost every lap between 55 and 56—i was there. but when you get into the big time, and you run your best race, you’d better spread it evenly or you’re not going to run a super time. if you let the foot come back and hit on the ball, it will be under the center of gravity. but i coach runners to move their legs faster, keeping their arms relaxed and moving in the same rhythm. i think an athlete is more successful by being positive and disciplining himself on and off the track. but if you take somebody like carl lewis or danny everett—people who have been successful—they have a good attitude on and off the track. you don’t have to win the olympics to be a success. just do the best you can, discipline yourself and stay at it.

3.weight train for injury prevention and motivation. weight training doesn’t help runners move faster. people are quick to say carl lewis or decathlete daley thompson never did weights, but they are take for example, carl lewis, who hated weights and only lifted his last 3 seasons (which were his worst). or, carl lewis training, carl lewis training, the perfect method carl lewis, carl lewis squat.

but lewis has never done much weight training. in fact, his worst performances came the year he did viewpoints on the role of weight training in a program designed at one extreme some will point to sprinters such as kim collins or carl lewis who would perform a minimum of weight six months ago, he began serious weight training for the first time. today, he is stronger than ever. starts have never been carl lewis’s strength. the final 40 meters have separated,

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