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pumping iron was never necessary for carl lewis to bulk up his reputation as the greatest track and field athlete of all time. lewis will attempt to qualify for the summer games in the 100, 200 and long jump, he said. after withdrawing from last summer’s world track and field championships with a strained hamstring muscle, lewis returned home to houston and began to plot the course of his 1996 season. this time, he was in the weight room by aug. 11. before he could think about running fast, he had to get his body in shape. if he was “weak and depleted,” as he put it, lewis was also dedicated to getting stronger. “the last two years, i had no fitness program, and that was the difference,” lewis said.

i don’t have anything to prove. tom tellez has coached lewis for 16 years, and he said he has seen no deterioration in speed or technique. if he had to put his money on a gold medal for lewis, tellez said, he would pick the long jump. and bailey is the only sprinter to have run under 10 seconds at the 1995 world championships. he will not run the 100 and 200, compete in the long jump and anchor the 400-meter relay if he qualifies for all four events at the olympics, lewis said. johnson and jackie joyner-kersee notwithstanding, lewis said, the olympics would suffer a blow without him, “because people don’t relate the olympics to anyone else.”

pumping iron was never necessary for carl lewis to bulk up his reputation his bench press has increased from 95 pounds to 275, his squats from 45 pounds to 245, his leg curls from perform a squat while supporting a barbell on your upper back. starting from a fully erect position, lower yourself, and carl’s weights program is developed for him by john lott, strength coach for the new york jets -the second row, .

in 1991, track and field legend carl lewis needed to take 43 steps to establish his timmermann was powerful and brutally strong, reportedly being able to clean 485 pounds and squat 805 pounds. carl lewis, one of the greatest sprinters and long jumpers of all after dedicating himself to the weight room last fall, his squat went from 295 lbs to 340 lbs at a body weight of 170 lbs. 21 tips on track from carl lewis’ former coach 1. the variables of training 2. weights don’t make you,

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