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to help you find the right canadian food as a dog owner for your patriotic pooch, organic raw dog food brands canada, we put together a list of the best dog foods made in canada. in all, this is one of the best raw dog food suppliers in ontario canada, and vancouver. salmon, turkey, lamb), low in starch, and that rank low on the glycemic index in order to give dogs a more consistent source of energy. carna4 is by far one of the top dry dog food in canada. firstmate pet foods is a family-owned and operated pet food manufacturer that began in 1989. originally, the mission of the company was to make high-quality, fish-based dog food to keep dogs from eating the fish feed on salmon farms.

k-9 choice foods, inc. is a family-owned company that has been operating for over 10 years in the frozen raw dog food brands canada industry. kasiks is a brand from firstmate pet foods, a family-owned and operated pet food manufacturer that began in 1989. originally, the mission of the company was to make high-quality, fish-based dog food to keep dogs from eating the fish feed on salmon farms. nutram takes a holistic approach to fulfill the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats and comes highly recommended by dog food advisor canada. the majority of their formulas contain a single animal protein source, which is ideal for elimination diets and dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. all ingredients are sourced from canada, with the exception of their salmon, which is sourced from alaska and processed in canada. foods need to be shelf-stable and a product of the usa.

the smack team are committed to providing pets with the healthiest, and most convenient foods in today’s pet food marketplace. zeal is relatively new to the market, and has quickly made a big impact on the canadian pet food industry. in an industry with so many high-quality dog food options, orijen remains as one of the best canadian-made brands on the market. their foods are made in the canisource kitchen, where they aim to replicate the requirements and processes for creating human grade foods in a premium quality dog food. this is all in addition to the impressive whole fruit and vegetable medleys found in all acana dog foods. this can be a complicated process, as the plastic interior lining is essential to keeping their products fresh and safe. v-planet is complete and balanced to meet the unique nutritional needs of adult dogs of all shapes and sizes, and is more affordable than other canadian-made vegan dog foods. this is great for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities. kasiks products are held to the same high standard of ingredient sourcing and state of the art manufacturing processes. the pronature originals line is a good value for dog owners on a budget. summit is an excellent option for dog owners looking to feed a high-quality dog food on a budget. rollover is a small, family-oriented company, and has been in the pet industry for decades. i think i need to move her to another food on this list that is good for sensitivities and allergies. i do not see any reason why this food would cause more thirst compared to any equivalent product on the market. if you are looking for the absolute highest quality, then my suggestion is to start at the top of the list and work your way down. i will have to have it brought in as it is not available in our small city. thank you what are you looking for in a food for your pup? he had anal gland issues last december so i increased the fibre in his food and is on a food that has 5% fibre. to get a better understanding of the ongoing situation, please refer to my article everything you need to know about dilated cardiomyopathy and grain free dog foods. with regards to tlc, i do not have any personal experience with this brand as it is not sold in pet retail stores. it is hard to find a high quality food without both fish and chicken. we have also added a (now 4month old) boston terrier to the mix and we would like him to eat the same food eventually. ideally i would like to feed him victor high-pro plus, but unfortunately this is only available in the us. i don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ???? cheers! i’m trying to do all my research and find a good formula for them. he’s a healthy dog and has had a clean bill of health from the vet, so i’m suspecting it’s the food that we need to change. realizing you can’t cover every brand but i wonder if you can help me with the following question that i can’t seem to find anywhere online: where is tlc dog food sourced and manufactured” the reason i need to know this is because it is being recommended by a breeder in ontario for the bernadoodle she is buying. i see you are very diligent in responding to all the comments in this thread, and i applaud you for taking the time to do that. do i need to give any supplements with smack, or is it a complete and balanced diet? i would like to find not vet food for all my pets. both these are canadian made and would love to know how they fit in with the other canadian brands. please note: i am not a veterinarian, and this advice should not be taken as a substitution for proper veterinary care. i would like to give her a grain inclusive food that is low in calories. i would like to keep him on kibble – as he is a grazer right now (hoping that changes) – and i would like the kibble to be as natural as possible and it must include grains. he has a sensitive stomach and is on akela 80/20 here in the uk so we are looking for a suitable dry food alternative when we move. supplementation to support the joints is certainly an important consideration, however i would not be in too much of a rush to start with a brand new puppy. which brand would you recommend for her that i could add a wet too, and which wet would you add. it is difficult for me to speculate on this as i have limited information. with regards to quality, there is no denying dehydrated dog foods are the kings of the castle. we’d really like to stay with one of the top 21 canadian dog food producers on this list. are you looking for a frozen raw dog food that is readily available in both canada and the usa? she has been to the vet and is being monitored, but he doesn’t try to help finding any other food. again, thank you so much for your help and i hope i am not being a bother to you. i live on a farm and have a new pup, lgd, who is likely to be over 100 lbs when she is an adult. this is not only a very healthy thing to do, it is also an excellent way to keep your dog’s interest piqued without the need for toppers. i’ve looked at smack, zeal and a bunch of other canadian foods, but i can’t seem to find a good puppy food amongst all these great brands. with regards to finding a new puppy food for your pooch, i would absolutely recommend brands like smack, zeal, and others on this list. when we aren’t sure exactly what is causing the skin and coat issues with your dog, the best approach is to simplify the diet with a limited ingredient food. i always have thought that grain-free dog food was made for dogs that have sensitivities, or a true allergy to grains. however, this doesn’t make it easy for you when you have to get up twice in the night for puppy bathroom breaks. i would not recommend a traditional puppy food for your giant breed puppy. i would like to switch my 4 month old french bulldog off of royal canon from the breeder to a healthy canadian option. i have just started digging in to research and quickly realized i was not happy with the royal. i would like a high quality, grain-friendly food (affordable would be preferred) and i’m interested in your top 3 picks. i’ve read through everything posted here and done a fair amount of research to try to find the right food for my 4 1/2 year old cockapoo. i am happy to help to the best of my ability, so please review my recommendations and please let me know your thoughts. i have been so confused with choosing a dog food for our puppy.

i understand you are looking for a quality canadian made dog food without corn, peas, and fillers. is 3 months long enough to see the full benefits of a raw diet? thank you for taking the time to post your comments and questions. for any dog losing their interest in their food, the best recommendation i can give is to rotate diets more frequently. i really want a food for my dogs that is made in canada but has to be lower in protein as my one dog has seizures if she gets to much protein so she is on a food from the vets. before i make a recommendation, it would be best to speak with you over the phone, as i have a few questions. we have a slow feeder bowl which helps in the time it takes to eat the food but not for chewing. are any of the ones you’ve ranked in your article better than the others, to be used as a topper? i am happy to help you with this problem, however it is best to speak over the phone as i have a few questions. have a look at that and let me know if i can be of any further assistance. i can appreciate that your breeder is trying to help, however i would not follow this advice. i have a question for you; my shiba inu is 6 years old and had a few uti over the summer. dear brandon, i will join the other readers in thanking you for the great and informative article. if you have any sort of criteria for a new dog food, please let me know and i will be happy to make some recommendations. all of the brands on this list come with feeding guidelines for puppies, so you simply follow the chart, and you should be good to go. firstmate looks appealing, and i have two others to feed as well, so it is handy if everyone can eat the same, so budget friendly is a plus! if your dog is vomiting after meals, it sounds like the issue is more of a rate-of-consumption problem. what brands do you recommand, and what types of food would you suggest considering our dogs spend a lot of time outside with us (family with 4 kids) going to the lake and taking walks in the woods. if you are looking to start with the healthiest options, my advice is to start at the top of the list and work your way down. with regards to chicken being a healthier choice for dogs, that is not universally true. in order for me to help you to the best of my ability, this is a conversation best held over the phone. if you are looking for best overall quality, then my advice is to start at the top of this list and work your way down. any advice you have would be greatly appreciated thank you when it comes to solving yeast issues in dogs, the conversation would be best held over the phone as i will need some information about your dog and his diet history. i find it hard to understand what is decent food at a pet store vs something that’s put in a fancy bag, has a happy dog on the front, and called something ridiculous like “pack leader of the wild land” etc.. while i don’t have any articles specifically pertaining to taiga, i can personally attest to the quality of horizon pet foods. if you are looking for the best quality diet for your pooch, then my advise is to start at the top of this list and work your way down. i’m not sure if costco food is as nutritious as i would like and i am struggling to find a good quality canadian made food. i currently do not have any articles with diy recipes for home cooking, however there are many great recipes to be found online. if you are looking for a dry food that is closest to a raw diet in terms of meat content, then orijen would be the better choice. with regards to weight loss, it is all about running a caloric defect regardless of the food you are feeding. in order to figure out a plan for your dogs, it would be best to speak over the phone as there is much to discuss. i understand you are looking for a high quality grain-friendly diet suitable for your little pup. i am happy to help you to the best of my ability, however i am not a veterinarian. i wondered if you recommended a different food for this – or a rotation of go foods – as she is mainly on the lamb formula. dehydrated raw certainly has the edge in terms of convenience and portability, but it does come at a higher cost compared to frozen raw. he does have an allergy to chicken so i would need something that does not have chicken as part of a base. thank you for the reply.i like the without the hassle because it for sure is a hassle with the raw food we get and having to portion it and bag it all, it is a messy job lol. there are many wonderful, wholesome pet foods on the market today, so i am happy to provide other options if you are interested. they were telling me that the first 10 to 14 ingredients is meat and all the rest of the ingredients were of high quality as well. with that said, i am a believer in rotation-based feeding, so perhaps you consider feeding your dog both grain-free and grain-inclusive dog foods over time. i am concerned about the quality of this food as opposed to other foods, such as the ones in this review that appear to have more whole and healthy ingredients. i am happy to help you find a new food for your dog, please email me at you may want to rotate and experiment with several of the brands on this list to determine which ones your individual dog performs best on. in many cases these supplements can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to digestive health. i’ve been in the search of a good high quality food for my dogs that is fish free (it is more of an environmental concern, as we are currently overfishing the oceans) adding flax seed oil to dog food is a great substitute and i have found a few in the us, but they don’t ship to canada. i need to find the right food for her for weight loss and allergy issues. you don’t necessarily have to focus on a dog food that is large-breed specific. with regards to food toppers, there are a lot of options on the market with varying degrees of quality. unfortunately, sodium content is not required for pet food labels, so the only way to compare brands is to contact brands of interest directly and request that information. with regards to your puppy, you can feed any of the dehydrated raw diets on this list. providing you are feeding a wholesome, high-quality all-life-stage food, all you have to do is feed the correct amount for each dog depending on their individual lifestyle requirements. i recommend reading my article everything you need to know about dcm; hopefully this information helps provide a balanced perspective of the investigation to date. thank you for this article and for all of your great replies. in the meantime, i understand you want to stick with grain-friendly, or grain-inclusive dog foods. i am a big supporter of raw diets in all forms providing the ingredient sourcing and quality are among the best available. there are plenty of other options to consider, so have a look at these options and please let me know if i can help with any other questions. one concern i have about tomandsawyer is the inclusion of corn in some of their formulas, which is not a desirable ingredient in pet food. the brands that i assume you are referring to are the dehydrated raw foods.

big dog raw food is the key to optimal health for your dog or cat. at big country raw, they start with pasture-raised, free-range meats, wild- in an industry with so many high-quality dog food options, orijen remains as one of the best canadian-made brands on the market. the manufacturer of orijen ( top 5 canadian foods ; 1. orijen. orijen: ; 2. acana. acana: ; 3. nutrience. nutrience ; 4. go! solutions/now fresh/gather. go! solutions/ now fresh/ gather ; 5., orijen dog food, orijen dog food, carna4 dog food, go dog food, best dog food brands.

what are the best dog food brands made in canada? ; best overall, wholesome blend naturally fresh pork & beef red meat, 5.0 ; runner-up, orijen original, 4.8. inukshuk professional dog food is produced in our family-owned facility in fredericton, new brunswick, canada under the strictest safety and quality canadian naturals sweet potato & salmon is a great natural dog food option produced by a family-owned canadian company. canadian naturals uses, dog food brands to avoid, healthiest dog food, vet recommended dog food 2020, dog food similar to carna4.

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