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the answer to this should of course be no and there is no reason for your rabbit to be kept in a cage either. this means that your rabbit will instinctively be timid and easily frightened, and discipline is out of the question – your rabbit will simply not understand, and only become frightened and withdraw. in order to do this, they must establish and maintain a territory so they have an area that is safe in which to breed lots of babies. give your bunny a reason to jump in the air just for the shear pleasure of it. the nature and needs of a rabbit are fundamentally incompatible with those of a child. they will almost certainly use a tray that has the smell of droppings or urine in it already. there are litter trays available for very small rabbits at some pet shops in australia, but other than that, they are all designed for cats, not rabbits, and this can cause a problem if you have a bunny who likes to back into the corner of his tray to wee. you need to understand that this is an instinctive feeling for the rabbit and has nothing to do with you personally. one of the drawbacks of having a house rabbit is that they need to chew and sometimes this can be your furniture. maloccluded teeth can grow to the extent where bunny is unable to eat and if this goes unnoticed, he will quite literally starve. place the basket under something which will give your rabbit the feeling of protection – remember, your rabbit is a prey animal and needs to feel secure. if you have a house rabbit, it is also nice for them to have time in the garden, but always remember that your neighbour’s cat or dog can kill your rabbit. the only thing to be mindful of is if you live in an area where there are possums. it is possible to have a rabbit and a garden, however there are a few restrictions. even if you groom your rabbit daily to remove knots, bunny may eventually get a bowel or a stomach full of fur and if left untreated, it can kill your rabbit.

meadow hay is the single most important food your bunny should have – (75-80% of his diet) – not lucerne hay or lucerne-based pellets which are commonly sold in pet shops; in australia (note, meadow hay is seasonal, so if hard to find, then oaten hay will do just fine). never underestimate the value of meadow hay if you want bunny to be healthy. what ever you decide, remember that meadow hay should be the basis of a good bunny diet, and any lucerne-based product should not be. oxbow is a company based in the usa which now supplies bunny food and other bunny products to australia. your rabbit may not show any interest in sultanas at first, but if you put a couple amongst his food each day, they will eventually be eaten and it won’t be long before he comes hopping when you rattle the sultana jar. my experience has shown that you may have to do a bit of searching to find a veterinarian who is really familiar with rabbits and their problems. rabbits are physiologically very fragile and succumb quickly to illness and disease, so if your rabbit is off his food take him to a vet. if you want your rabbit to have a litter “just so the children can see,” you need to step out of the 1950s. rabbits are social animals and it’s cruel to keep them in isolation, so if you are not prepared to include your rabbit as a member of the family, you should get him a companion; preferably another rabbit. and because you can remain very close, it gives you the opportunity to intervene if things get too rough. a brick at each corner is sufficient, and inserting a pet door into the hutch will give your rabbit access to it during the day. and to make things even worse, the “bedroom” is tiny and only has one point of entry which means when he is in there, he will be trapped if a predator reaches that entry (see feeling secure.) if your rabbits are shut inside a cage at night, you can use bird bowls for water that can be attached to the wire. also, if the unthinkable happens and a predator enters the run, this will give your rabbits some form of protection. now when the rabbit sleeps, he dreams not of death but of a bright meadow to play in and clean hay to sleep on. tens of thousands of rabbits are tortured each year by companies which manufacture cosmetics and household cleaning products.

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