bristly dog toothbrush

i don’t know what the designers were thinking. how the heck you’re supposed to get a round stream of toothpaste into a long, narrow hole is beyond me, and without it, the dogs have no interest. by the way – the toothpaste has the consistency of glue. *read the other comments about poor customer service and read the sketchy return policy before buying this product! * i purchased the appropriate size for my dog and followed the guidelines for usage exactly. i contacted the company to return it and have received automated responses that contain “usage guidelines” and videos on usage or otherwise been completely ignored.

my dogs were exited to use it but the same way as any other toy i have given. both products were broken on the corners at their base the very same day i backed this on kickstarter. the updates given by the company were unhelpful and often irrelevant to the progress of the campaign. the company is unapologetic about the lack of quality and has stopped responding to requests for refunds. indeed, the first version left me and jack quite satisfied. hope this new one will be more durable 🙂 we’ve been using the beta version of bristly, called britebite for our dog. i have many friends who used the first version of bristly and they love it.

this dental chew toy is made from natural rubber and features bristle-lined grooves that brush your pup’s teeth down to the gum line. the bristles are flavored for increased palatability and the toy contains an internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir. it also has paw pads on the bottom so your paw-tner can get a good grip while chewing. i would totally recommend this after our first purchase back when it first came out. hole in the top, perfect sizes, really good cleaning nubs and foot hold but then they changed it all for some reason! (not chewys fault) i just don’t know what happened. i wanted it to work but my mini labradoodle chewed through it in about 30 seconds. i’m grateful chewy stands behind the products they sell. my dog isn’t into toys necessarily, doesn’t chase the ball, etc. can’t say how good or bad it is, just that my dog isn’t into it.

our 10lb has had the extra small for months and she loves it but she needs a new one. too hard for my puggle to want to chew, and because you can’t get the toothpaste inside it, the dog just licks it off. i should have ready the reviews before buying, but this is pretty much useless. i couldn’t find any proper way to squeeze the toothpaste in the top or the bottom and there are not instructions on how to get the toothpaste into the reservoir. ended up just squeezing toothpaste on the sides of it where the bristles are and my dog just licked it off. we supervised her while she had it, and she loved it, but got pieces off of the top in just minutes. we really cannot recommend this to others. she needs a chew toy but this is definitely the one. there is no way to put the toothpaste inside the toy. second, my dog just chews the plastic part and not the actual bristles.

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features: made from safe, durable & non-toxic natural rubber; internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir; bristle-lined grooves that brush dog’s teeth down while i may have referred to bristly brush as a toy, it really isn’t intended to work as such. it find helpful reviews, opinions, and ratings about bristly from actual users. bristly., mouthguard toothbrush, 10 second toothbrush.

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