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while you will ideally need to take a degree or other accredited course in computer science, in which you can choose networking and security topics to suit your career path, there are other options available that you can try in order to test the waters and see whether the industry really is for you. in terms of cybersecurity the ou is a little lacking in a specialized course in this – however, they do offer a flexible honors degree in computing and it where you can choose to focus in different areas, all of which will show a concern for security issues.

there are also online degrees available in either computing and it or data science, and like the open university although none are focused specifically on cybersecurity, you can be assured that cybersecurity will be a significant part of the curriculum. the us department of homeland security is an obvious source of cybersecurity expertise, but you may not have been aware that you don’t have to travel all the way to the united states to benefit from the vast experience of us government security experts, or that you can do so for free. after reading through a series of comprehensive entries about operating systems, networking and system administration, you can register for a quiz that puts your expertise to the test.

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