best flirt pole for dogs

think of a dog flirt pole as some form of a fishing rod for dogs or a typical cat toy with feathers and balls attached to its end, only that it is bigger. a dog flirt pole is a good tool to have when training your pooch to play and exercise. if you are looking for an exercise tool built to give your dog maximum fun indoors and outdoors, this flirt pole fits the bill. no matter the size of your pup, you will find a good flirt pole for him from one of the two pole sizes. the cord is extendable, so you can switch from a long to a short cord according to the size of your pup and the available space.

the cord stretches and reduces the likelihood of an injury compared to a rope. add this to its telescopic design and you know transporting the pole is a breeze. the toy that comes with the pole is attached using a special mechanism devoid of fasteners known to harm a dog. on the flip side, a pole that is too long may be too heavy for you (the handler), interfering with your ability to ensure ideal lure/pray movement for your pup. a diy dog flirt pole comes with a number of perks, including the liberty to customize the length of the pole and the string, the opportunity to use a lure toy that suits your dog, and the chance to replace any part when it is worn out.

every product and service on world dog finder is independently selected by our editors, contributors, and experts. learn more some dog breeds are very energetic, and they require plenty of physical and mental activity. hunting dogs are primarily pets now, but they still have a hunting instinct that drives them to search and chase prey. a flirt pole is a toy that is connected to a pole by a string. if you are not familiar with the term, here is a short definition. dogs are not the best listeners when their instincts are taking over them. teaching your dog to control their impulses is not easy, but if you manage to do it, you will end up with an obedient dog that will follow your commands even if they are in a state of highest arousal. the best way to do that is to set rules for playing this exciting game. here are some of the rules you should put in place; one of the most important rules your dog will learn is patience. the only way your dog can start having fun is if they are patiently waiting for the play to start.

however, make sure you don’t allow them to continue playing until they willingly let go of the toy. owners that start flinging the flirt pole said their dogs started jumping like crazy, which is a perfect way for accidents and injuries to happen. if the lure is too hard to catch, they will lose interest, and the game will lose its point. make sure your dog gets some satisfaction from catching the toy every now and then. this flirt pole will mimic the prey movement and will keep your dog entertained for hours. the squishy face studio flirt pole is explicitly designed for pit bulls in mind. their original flirt pole was somewhat weak, and enthusiastic and powerful dogs like pit bulls destroyed the pole in seconds. the pole is a lot more durable and stronger, and the cord is flexible. the jalousie dog flirt pole set might be the thing you didn’t even know you needed. when your dog gets bored of chasing the same thing, just change the toy and watch them get interested again. flirt poles are a great way of providing your dog with physical and mental activity, especially if they are prone to chase.

the five best flirt poles for dogs 1. outward hound tail teaser 2. squishy face studio flirt pole 3. pet qwerks flipstick 4. popetpop expandable flirt pole. the best flirt pole for german shepherds reviews 1. squishy face studio flirt pole v2 ( our first choice) 2. dewonch store interactive flirt pole (runner-up). best flirt poles for dogs tail teaser wand by outward hound squishy face studio flirt pole jalousie dog flirt pole set., best flirt pole for large dogs, diy flirt pole, diy flirt pole, squishy face flirt pole, heavy duty flirt pole.

outward hound tail teaser dog flirt pole toy asocea interactive dog extendable teaser wand squishy face studio flirt pole (v2). outward hound’s tail teaser flirt pole is lightweight and small enough for dog owners to have play sessions inside. it’s a durable nylon dog 1) this is a catch and release toy designed for exercising your dog’s mind and body not for your dog to pull your arm off playing tug. 2) causing any dog to, flirt pole pets at home, best flirt pole for pitbulls, best flirt pole for german shepherds, petco flirt pole.

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