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when purchasing catnip for your cat, there are wide variety of options, so you need to keep a few things in mind. so a lack of response from your cat may have nothing to do with the quality or potency of a catnip product. meowijuana catnip spray is 100% organic and one of the more potent catnip oil sprays on the market. meowijuana also offers a spray of blended catnip and honeysuckle, another plant that’s stimulating for cats (view on chewy).

if your cat likes to eat the dried herb form of catnip, the sewn pocket of this toy is open at the top so while most catnip stays put, your cat can dig it out and indulge if they like. it is a perennial, so expect it to go to seed and then die back in the winter, sprouting new from the base each spring. for all catnip products, carefully store them in tightly sealed containers to preserve freshness and ensure your cat isn’t becoming a cat burglar. “the only exception to this is typically catnip found in treats, which some cats will eat too many of if given a chance. she is a firm believer that consumers can make healthy, informed, and environmentally-conscious choices to protect their pets.

we all know that most cats go crazy for catnip, the irresistible, mint-like herb that’s known to perk up even the most standoffish of felines. catnip releases nepetalactone, a chemical that acts as a pheromone to cats, and while not every cat will react to it, under most circumstances, cats seem to get “high” and exhibit a range of behaviors, from silly-looking rolling and tumbling to flat-out discombobulation. though we also love the banana version, we think this lemon with its little leaf is pretty darn cute. these, ahem, “joints” are stuffed with organic, handpicked catnip grown in the u.s. simply break it in half, sprinkle the ‘nip, and watch your cat roll in delight. these lightweight mice are easy to hide and toss for your cat to get plenty of exercise chasing them down and playing for hours. these fuzzy mice are stuffed with catnip for cats that’s free of pesticides and chemicals. pinch and sprinkle a little on a cat tree, toy, or any other kitty-approved play space.

made in the u.s. from essential catnip oil and water, spritz this onto toys and scratching posts to the delight of your feline friend. grown in the pacific northwest, this catnip for cats will keep pet parents and felines alike happy as it’s grown and processed without chemicals or pesticides. the rigid surface is great for sloughing off outer layers of your cat’s claws—and it comes with catnip that you can sprinkle on for added incentive. keep cats active and mess minimal with this item—catnip that’s been compressed into a ball and is free of chemicals and pesticides. grown in north america, this natural and potent catnip is sure to get your cat going. sprinkle this preservative-free, organic catnip on a toy and watch your kitty cat perk right up! nia martin grew up with cats, dogs, horses, and a goldfish that lived for eight years. based in seattle, her writing and photography have appeared in seattle magazine, the seattle times, the fold, cascadia magazine, and bitterroot magazine, among others.

best overall: from the field ultimate blend catnip and silver vine at chewy ; best budget: fat cat 100% organic catnip at chewy ; best organic:. best sellers in catnip ; #1 12,831 $1.07 ; #2 22,117 $8.77 ; #3 24,807 $11.99 ; #4 960 $6.99 ; #5 5,717 $12.99. our choice for the best overall catnip is ourpets cosmic catnip. this catnip is grown in, best catnip spray 2021, best catnip spray 2021, best catnip on amazon, from the field catnip, best catnip at petsmart.

chapters. view all introduction what to look for in 1. yeowww! organic catnip – best overall. yeowww ; 2. kitty hoots zoom around the room catnip – best value. fat cat zoom ; 3. meowijuana whisker 1. yeowww! organic catnip 2. cat kush 3. kong naturals: best catnip spray for cats 4. smartykat skitter critters., catnip spray vs catnip, cat crack catnip, amazon catnip, dude this stuff is awesome catnip review.

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