What did Francona say to Trevor Bauer

rather, it was a heave from the pitcher’s mound over the center field wall at kauffman just as he was being pulled from the indians’ loss to the kansas city royals, which would double as his final start with the team. and while indians president chris antonetti and general manager mike chernoff each insisted the incident had nothing to do with the deal — nor did it affect his trade value — manager terry francona admitted he had some reservations about the aftermath of bauer’s actions. “i had concerns what it could do to our team,” francona said.

for what it’s worth, francona told reporters on tuesday that he didn’t think bauer — who apologized for the incident, for which he will be fined — deserved to have his legacy defined by the ill-advised toss, a comment he stood by on wednesday. but while bauer’s decision to chuck a ball over an outfield wall may not define his legacy with the indians, it did feel like a fitting end to the polarizing pitcher’s cleveland tenure. despite his indisputable talent, the 2018 all-star selection’s career has been dotted with no shortage of controversy, ranging from drone accidents to accusations of harassment on social media. “pretty short,” francona said of the meeting with bauer.

“today was a frustrating day. he did it out of frustration,” francona said. “i don’t want to say something i “what the f— is wrong with you?” francona said as he pointed to the dugout. bauer seemed to attempt to cleveland indians pitcher trevor bauer, left, reacts as he is taken out by manager terry francona in the fifth inning of a “i had concerns what it could do to our team,” francona said., . [u’ In a startling scene, Bauer suddenly heaved the ball from just past the mound over the center field wall while being taken out of the game Sunday in the Cleveland Indians\’ 9-6 loss to the Kansas City Royals. \u201cI\’m an intense competitor and that fire is what drives me,\u201d Bauer said before answering questions.Jul 28, 2019

“i don’t want it to get lost,” francona said, “because he did, he made a mistake. this kid pitches his right-hander trevor bauer was officially traded from the francona said the meeting with bauer was “pretty short” and that “i had concerns what it could do to our team, and i voiced,

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