What are brain training programs

the covid crisis throws into relief what happens when grief has—quite literally—nowhere to go. some just want to be faster at solving those pesky sudoku problems. lumosity, cogfit, and elevate are just a few programs offering to help you “boost your brain” at a modest cost, usually in the form of simple games for your mobile device. if you wanted to be a better darts player, how would you start? the same concept applies to brain training. you certainly wouldn’t start working on your memory by studying 50-item lists—the key is to begin simple and then expand, always at the limit of your capabilities. this constant need for a challenge is also why there’s so little scientific support for brain training, at least in the academic realm.

most good training programs involve a rich sensory experience of sights and sounds to improve these separate perceptual and memory systems. keep in mind that to see benefits in a broad sense, you’ll need to “train-up” lots of different skills. the hope is that your practice generalizes to more real-world abilities. but that doesn’t mean they’re making you any smarter—only better at their specific games. a brain that never changes is a brick, not a brain. how else could a brain remember what you ate for breakfast? that choice is up to you, but i’d be wary of simple solutions. for now, a good start could be to eat well, sleep enough, and exercise now and then.

the research is mixed on “brain-training” programs. but there are some facts you should know. at learningrx, our brain training programs target those skills. we do it through a series of intense yet enjoyable mental lumosity is one of the most established brain training and mental fitness programs. you can sign up, cognitive training, cognitive training, brain training games, lumosity, brain training apps. [u’ Brain training (also called cognitive training) is a program of regular activities purported to maintain or improve one\’s cognitive abilities. The phrase \u201ccognitive ability\u201d usually refers to components of fluid intelligence such as executive function and working memory.

no matter your age or skill level, lumosity knows that all brains are different, and our program adapts to your unique there are dozens of apps and online courses that claim their “brain training” can make you more or if you prefer, you can design your own program, choosing exercises and workouts that meet your personal interests,, brain games, elevate brain training, brain games for adults, brain training puzzles

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