Should you run a full marathon in training

unfortunately, if you want to maximize your chances of a pr at your next goal race, i don’t recommend running a marathon in training – either as a course-supported long run or for the atmosphere and camaraderie. finally, studies have shown that the immune system is severely compromised after running the marathon distance, which increases the risk of contracting colds and the flu, especially if you intend to keep training hard in preparation for your goal race. if you’re still determined to run the marathon as part of your training, either to enjoy the experience or to help a friend, you can always cut back on the total distance by either jumping in at 5-6 miles or stopping at 20-21 miles, when your normal long run would end.

as i have mentioned before, i understand that you’re not a professional runner and it’s important to find the balance between the optimal training schedule and getting the most enjoyment from your running. however, they are not very specific to the demands of running the full distance and they don’t train your body how to burn fat as a fuel source to conserve glycogen. if you have already been using marathons in your long runs, you are going to be fine, especially if you were running them as a long run to prepare for comrades.

running a marathon as part of your training doesn’t make sense. of the science behind why you should avoid running a marathon as a long run or fun race: while the extra 6 miles to go from 20 miles to the full marathon distance might not “[if] you do it a few weeks before the race, [then you] know your body can take the distance,” he says, adding that running the full distance in training helps him recover much more quickly after the race itself. how far should you run before a marathon, what pace should you set off at on race day and what else, . [u’ Running a marathon requires that you train smart, since running 26.2 miles is a huge stress on the body. While you can run up to or even over 13 miles in half marathon training, you do not want to run up to or over 26 miles in marathon training, especially if you are training for your first marathon.Apr 24, 2015

so to apply the same logic: why wouldn’t i extend the training plan and run 25 or 26 miles three weeks training for a full or half marathon takes dedication and discipline, but listening to you should know (and your body should know) exactly what pace you want to run on race day. if you’re training for a marathon, the mileage of your long runs might matter less than how long they take you. instead of trying to get close to the full marathon distance, honerkamp,

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