How do you lift for wrestling

the regular barbell bench press can be dangerous for the shoulder joint if done improperly and doesn’t translate well to the sport (my coach used to say “when you are on your back pressing up…it’s too late. it’s important for an athletes body to be strong, balanced, and developed in all areas. absolutely, but these dozen are what i consider to be the essential movements and i have grouped them into a no nonsense, 3 day workout split that will be perfect for you or your team to make gains. #1 deadlift – approach a loaded bar and stand with your feet at shoulder width. keep your back flat and pull the bar up and off the ground, bringing your shoulders back and hips forward as you “drag” the bar up your thighs. lower to the starting position but don’t “unpack” – keep some tension in your lats and don’t let your arms relax completely. hold one side flexed and in place while you complete 1 rep on the opposite side, then switch.

keep your elbows up and your back tight as you squat to parallel and back up. tuck your chin and use your traps to explosively pull the bar up as if you were trying to touch your shoulders to your ears. for a real challenge, put your feet up on a bench and your hands on the ground. take one foot and place it on the bench behind you so you are in a split/lunge stance with the rear foot elevated. #10 – bodyweight hamstring bridge – lay on your back with your feet up on a bench and your knees bent at 90 degrees. #11 – neck plank – sit on a swiss ball and walk your feet forward until just the back of your head is in contact with the ball. keep your back hunched slightly and abs flexed to avoid stressing the lower back.

young wrestlers often sacrifice strength training out of fear that lifting weights will increase their muscle monday deadlift 5×5 wide pull ups 3 x max reps iso-row 3 x 8/8 curl/ hammer curl combo 5 each for 4 sets. pullups are a must for any wrestler. if you’re this is one of the top 5 lifts for wrestling because it basically trains every, .

5 essential lifts for wrestlers why wrestlers need to get strong maximal relative strength is key what wrestler. ridge-lift i competed at 133 lbs. in the ncaa national championships my junior year. i hit the weight room harder so we’re gonna look for is that that bar is gonna be tight off the floor cuz these are gonna go back those hands are gonna be tight when the bar passes the knees. and these will come back through he’ll explode with a big big finish. and then catch at about not at 90 degrees just slightly above 90 degrees with some of,

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