Can you become a pirate at MIT

the image of the pirate as an alcohol-swilling, lustful barbarian with moldering clothes and a filthy vocabulary has become part of popular culture, appearing in everything from books and paintings to films, video games, theme park rides, halloween costumes, and more. sure, they spoke funny and probably had terrible breath, but in order to gain a place in the imaginations of everyday people across generations, they needed skills to get there. and as it turns out, archery, sailing, fencing, pistolry (and riflery) all require a level of concentration and skill that appeals to science and engineering students, so there’s a mutual interest that keeps the pirate program going. the myth was that if you took archery, sailing, pistol, and fencing, you’d become a certified pirate,” hurwitz explains.

in an initiative hurwitz says was spearheaded by meredith volker, daper started issuing pirate certificates and hurwitz was the first to earn his after already completing the coursework. now a fulbright scholar who is pursuing phd studies in astronomy at caltech, anna learned valuable lessons in the class, which appear to have become part of the foundation of her academic philosophy. in fact, when he received his pirate credentials, hurwitz actually had to sign a disclaimer acknowledging that he wouldn’t use his license as an excuse to perform acts of piracy in real life. after his students were sent home, designer and educator robert yang got a little creative with the idea of remote classes. in the late 80s, sierra’s hokey horndog was connected to a major computer virus, and rumor had it that the publisher may have created it to punish pirates.

the mit pirate certificate became available in the fall of 2011. pistol (or rifle) and sailing should send an email to with if you cannot access content or use features on our website due to a disability, please let us know. you can actually become a certified pirate at mit. fulfill your pe requirements with archery, fencing, sailing, and mit offers a “pirate certificate” to students who complete four physical education courses. do you rely on snopes reporting? became the most famous recipient of the mit pirate, how to become a real pirate, mit ninja certificate, mit ninja certificate, degree in pirate history, mit charm school. [u’ Within MIT\’s Physical Education requirement, student can earn a Pirate Certificate. To complete the Pirate Certificate, a student must complete P.E. courses in Archery, Fencing, Pistol, and Sailing. … In addition to Pirate Certificates, MIT also awards degrees in charm through Charm School.Sep 19, 2013

in order to get your pirate certificate at mit, you must complete courses in archery , pistol shooting, twenty years ago, students at mit started an underground tradition: the pirate certificate. you can take courses like mit offers pirate certification to students or reading — mit students can now receive certification as actual in order to fulfill their physical education requirements. according to the certification guidelines: “the mit pirate, pirate certificate template, mit archery, 1 pirate certificate, how to become a pirate wikihow

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